(12/15/04) I saw the Batman Begins trailer last Friday - very awesome! I almost didn't realize it was the trailer at first. I saw Liam Neelson and was all giggly (Neelson rocks) but didn't clue in until a little later. I can't wait for this movie, I really hope WB will finally do a somewhat proper Batman film. One can only hope! *crosses fingers*
(10/17/04) It feels very odd, but Mr. Reeves has been up flying amidst the clouds for a week now. I couldn't decide how long I wanted the tribute image up, but I did want to get the main logo image back up after a I've got both up at the moment. Probably keep the tribute image up for at least another week.
(01/12/04) Sadly, the world lost a great man this past Sunday - hence the slight change up on the main page image for the time being. It is really heartbreaking to know that Reeve is gone. It seems so unexpected. I know a lot of people thought he really would see the day he would walk again. If there is a heaven, then he's doing plenty of walking and flying right now. See you around, Superman.
(01/03/04) I can't believe we're into a whole new year already! *dances* Glad it's here. Last year was nice, had some very good and memorable times, but also some equally devasting moments as well, so I'm glad the new year has come so I can brush myself off and start from the ground up again. Course Dick and Babs broke up in a recent issue. *cries* Hoping that will change soon, not sure I'm liking all the stuff that's happened in the comics, guess we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out.


(12/15/04) Nightwing has celebrated its 100th issue this month! And as a side-note, the webmistress turned 21 the same week :) It's so great that Nightwing has already gotten to 100 issues. It's had some good and bad moments, fans have had a lot to celebrate and bemoan. But most seem happy with issue #100 - thank god there will be no Tarantula anymore! Giving her jail time for a nice thing, she deserved much worse. Finals this week, and studying for them over the past few weeks has really thrown me off schedule. I had wanted to do a lot to the site in honor of the 100th issue, but I just didn't get the time. Perhaps there's still time to do something to at least celebrate the new year in a few weeks.
(10/19/04) The Nightwing cover gallery is now completely up to date with the current issues finally. The BoP still has a long way to go though unfortunately. But on a good note I placed up a few new images in the Dick & Babs gallery! All of the additions were Nightwing pics except for one couples image of the two of them.
(10/17/04) Added a very useful link in both of the comic covers galleries. I found a great site that has little summaries of every awesome is that?! So if you ever need a little refresher as to what happened in a particular issue of Nightwing or BoP, just check out the link in the cover gallery page! I'm studying for my midterms right now, so I haven't had a chance to scan up images for the Dick & Babs section, but it was updated tonight with two nifty pics. They are artist sketches of Nightwing that I obtained through a very good friend many months ago. I just never had the chance to sit down and scan them up until now. They are pretty cool looking sketches, and I've never seen them displayed anywhere else on the net. I'm very pleased to be able to put them up for display at The Trapeze! Hopefully I can update some more next weekend or at least later in the week.