Nightwing and Batgirl Animated Gallery

Obviously there are some significant differences between the comic and cartoon Nightwings. The most visible being the differences in costume perhaps with the variations on his logo and the wings. The history is different as well for the animated version of Nightwing. All that is known is that he has graduated from college and then traveled the world for a bit, so he's about 24 or so, and that he resides in Gotham. On returning to Gotham after college, Dick realized that he no longer "fit" the role of Robin. The episode "Old Wounds" gives a good but quick background on how he became Nightwing. More or less Dick had become a man and could no longer deal with the sidekick role, and Bruce to him had basically become unbearable to live with. He discovers that his parents had set up a trust fund for him when he was at Haly's Circus, which has resulted in giving him a very nice small fortune. He bought an abandoned wharehouse where he has made the two top floors his headquarters filled with high tech equipment and his prized, hand-designed motorcycle. He has an interesting relationship with Barbara Gordon who seems to want to get together with an oblivious Dick. He does though, share the "big brother" relationship with Tim that he has in the comics. And, similiar to the comics as well, he still has a nasty relationship with Bruce, still struggling to prove he can be on his own. They do care for each other, which can be seen in Dick's humourous and slightly nasty comments whenever he gets a chance to say one. Unfortuantly he wasn't in as many episodes as some fans would have liked. Batman Beyond only made things even more interesting concerning the possible animated fate of this character. Some fans are still hopefull for a Nightwing Animated Series or at least a DTV centered on him in either the TNBA or BB time period.

Key Episode Appearances:

Sins of the Father
You Scratch My Back
Joker's Millions
Over the Edge
Animal Act
Old Wounds

So far Barbara Gordon has never become Oracle in the animated universe. Her character has forever been Batgirl, save in the Batman Beyond future where she became the Commisioner of Gotham. According to the official bios of the animated Barbara Gordon, the following is her past and current history:
Barbara Gordon, daughter of police Commissioner James Gordon, is a college student attending Gotham State University. When Two Face sets up her father for taking bribes from Rupert Thorne, Barbara enlists the help of Batman to appear at a public rally for the Commissioner. When Batman dismisses the idea of making a "public appearance" Barbara takes matters into her own hands -- Barbara Gordon dresses in a Bat costume and attends the rally herself! When Robin spots the impostor, he chases after her. Grabbing the back of her cowl, he reveals her fiery red hair and thus "Batgirl" was born. With her gymnastic ability and innovative detective work she gains the respect of Batman and Robin. Barbara is similar in age to Robin, and the two share a flirtatious relationship.
Barbara Gordon is the daughter of police commissioner James Gordon. She is a few years older than when we last saw her (about twenty-one) and has just graduated college with honors in the field of computer science. By day she works for the police department updating their crime files, by night she battles the underworld as Batgirl. Early on Batman deduced the masked red-head who fought so hard to clear Commissioner Gordon could only be Gordon's daughter, Barbara. When Dick Grayson left Gotham, Batman found himself calling on Batgirl to work with him on special cases. Eventually Batman told Batgirl the secret of his dual identity and granted her free access to the Batcave and all its technology. The Batcomputer quickly became her domain and now she even surpasses Batman, Robin and Nightwing in cyber-expertise. Barbara lives in a private townhouse near Gotham's trendy Park Ridge. A service lift in Barbara's bedroom closet runs down to the secret basement where Barbara stores her Batgirl crimefighting gear. In addition to costumes and weapons, the basement also serves as garage for Batgirl's highly-advanced Batcycle, a gift from Batman. Her double life as Batgirl sometimes puts Barbara at an emotional crossroads. As the daughter of the Police Commissioner, Barbara was raised with respect for law and order, but her actions as Batgirl technically label her a vigilante. If Batgirl was ever caught and unmasked, the scandal would certainly destroy commissioner Gordon's career. Still, Gotham is a city that breeds an extreme kind of criminal and extreme crimefighters are needed to handle situations regular cops can't. Barbara believes the good she does as Batgirl is worth the potential risk to herself and her father.

Key Episode Appearances

Heart of Steel - Part 1 & 2
Shadow of the Bat - Part 1 & 2
Shadow of the Bat - Part 2
Batgirl Returns
Sub Zero (movie)
Holiday Knights
Sins of the Father
Cold Comfort
You Scratch My Back
Joker's Millions
Mean Seasons
Over The Edge
Torch Song
Old Wounds
Girl's Night Out

Thanks to sites like DCU Animated it's possible to get a very good idea of what the animated Oracle would have looked like:

Even in the altered future of Justice League: The Animated Series episode, The Savage Time, Dick and Babs are still together!

Nightwing fans will delight in seeing the first episode of the Teen Titans second season, How Long is Forever?. It's a massive controversey among some fans on whether the animated Robin in the Teen Titans animated series is Tim Drake or Dick Grayson, especially since the creators have yet to say so themselves. Regardless, Nightwing, whoever he may be in this series, was a treat to see!

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