Black Canary - Dinah Laurel Lance

Name: Black Canary
Occupation: other half of the Birds of Prey
Location: Gotham City
Hair Color: Blonde (dyed), Black (natural)
Eye Color: Blue-Grey
Height: 5"4'
Weight: 115 lbs
Relatives: Diana (mother-original Black Canary-deceased), Larry(father-deceased)

-The other amazing half of the crime fighting, not Batman and Robin....the Birds of Prey. Dinah is the second Black Canary, the first being her mother. She was hired by Oracle at a critical low point in her life, and Oracle helped get her back on track and focused. The two are steadfast and loyal companions and heroines, each suffering their own unique trauma, and coming out ever stronger survivors. With Oracle the brains (and literal voice in Dinah's head), and Black Canary a little mix of brains, brawn and beauty, these two are an almost unstoppable force; and at least always a serious something to be reckoned with. Although Black Canary isn't interested like that in a particular vigilante, nor is she blind, at least once she's commented on the handsome attributes of Nightwing.

First Comic Appearance:

Justice League of America #75