Blockbuster II - Roland Desmond

Name: Roland Desmond
Alter-Ego: Blockbuster II
Occupation: Criminal
Location: Bludhaven
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 8'
Weight: 525 lbs
Relatives: Mark Desmond (brother-deceased), Mrs.Desmond (mother)

-During Invasion! the alliance of aliens activated a bomb on Earth, that triggred the latent meta genes in a great number of humans. Among those affected was Roland who took ill. The prison medical staff then treated him with an experimental steroid in an efford to cure him. In stead the steroid bonded with his active metagene and turned Roland into Blockbuster II. The prison staff then decided to transfer him to a medical facility for further studies. However, during the transfer Roland escaped. His rampages in the southwest brought him to the attention of Starman who with the help of Batman was able to stop the new Blockbuster. Roland was then imprisoned at Belle Reve. During the crises known as Underworld Unleashed Roland made a deal with Neron who granted him his wish to become smart. Using his newly found intellect he moved to Blüdhaven, where he slowly and methodically set up shop as Bludhavens new crime lord. By first learning from, then forcefully supplanting the former boss Angel Marin. Roland is now considered the new crimelord of the city, allthough only a few know of his identity.

Blockbuster possesses superhuman strengh, stamina, and invunerability. The exact limits of his strenght has not yet been revealed. However, he has been seen to shake off the effect of 30 k volts as well as collapsing buildings. Before his deal with Neron, Blockbuster was never considered a smart opponent. It is possible that the meta-gene had affected his mental capacity. He was very predictable and his moves were easily countered. After his deal with Neron his mental capacity has been greatly improved, and Blockbuster is now a master planner. He now no longer consideres brute force as his greatest strenght, and if possible he prefers to refrain from using his powers. However when provoked he is known to revert to his old brutal self.

First Comic Appearance

Starman Vol.1 #9

(*Bio courtesy of Nightwing's Lair)