Bridget Clancy

Name: Bridget Clancy
Occupation: Superintendent, Med Student
Location: Bludhaven
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Relatives: N/A

-Bridget Clancy is an Irish immigrant of Chinese descent. She left Hong Kong when she was an infant and was adopted by a family who raised her in Ireland. As she entered adulthood, she moved to the United States to attend college. Afterward, she settled in Bludhaven. There she became a landlady at 1013 Parkthorne Avenue, which has become home to a diverse group of residents, including Dick Grayson, Jonathan Law, Michael "Mutt" Hogan, Hank "Hero" Hogan, and a former Arkham inmate known as Amygdala.
Bridget, who prefers to be called Clancy, is well loved by all of her tenants. With an Irish lilt, this Chinese beauty makes grungy overalls look appealing. Clancy is a genuinely warm-hearted, no-nonsense gal who can tackle just about any construction job. Nonetheless, she has the yearning to be a doctor in order to help people. She has a tough exterior behind which she hides her emotions.
Unknown to Clancy and the others, Dick Grayson has become her guardian angel of sorts. He has even gone so far as to secretly provide the funds needed to keep the building from being taken over and the tenants evicted.
Clancy took an immediate liking to the handsome Grayson when he moved in, even though he has more than once had to cut short a date with her due to his costumed life as Nightwing. Dick has tried to make it up to her, but he doesn't quite realize the extent of the crush she has on him. Clancy, in her spirited way, hides from Dick the intensity of her feelings by playing off how serious she really is. While she continues to pretend she and Dick are just good buddies, she has actually fallen deeply in love with him.
Clancy had a dream come true when a scholarship from Wayne Industries allowed her to enroll in medical school. Meanwhile, she has pressed for a more intimate relationship with Dick. She realizes, however, that he is seriously involved with someone else.
Clancy has since moved out of Bludhaven and taken a job as a super at another apartment complex in another city.

First Comic Appearance

Nightwing #2

(*Bio courtesy of Titan's Tower)