Here you will find a vast variety of Nightwing/Oracle related fiction from authors found all over the place! Author's names will send you to their personal site or email. If you'd like to submit some of your own writings, just send them to The Oracle. Enjoy!

~ Gen X ~

Following the events in "Gotham Knights", Dick Grayson ruminates on family, and titles, and mostly about the new official title of adopted son.

Don't Speak
Barbara eavesdrops and learns something she wasn't meant to, but desperately needs, to hear: Why Dick loves her. Is she strong enough to tell him how she feels?

~ krtshadow ~

Revelations: Amy
Officer Amy Rohrback finds herself and her rookie partner enmeshed in a life or death situation. In the resulting chaos, she learns that things are not always as they seem, and that Dick has secrets beyond the fact that he is heir to a fortune. What she does do now that she knows?

~ Oracle ~

Badge 7554
Dick Grayson is haunted by demons which threaten to destroy him as he finds himself caught between the Bat and the Badge.

Marshmallow Memories
Dick Grayson confronts his past as he prepares to dip further into the chocolately waters of his present.

Through The Years
Brief glimpses of Dick Grayson's child to adult years growing up to become Nightwing.