Mr. and Mrs.Mihn

-There was a lot of mystery surrounding one Freddy Minh. And that being that no one could seem to find him, not even Nightwing! Mihn was in control of drug trafficating in Bludhaven, someone who Nightwing had to deal with, if he could only find him. On slipping into the Mihn home and being confronted by Madame Mihn, Freddy's wife, he learns the shocking truth at last: Freddy Mihn was dead. His wife had killed him due to the fact that he had grown soft, and thus was not fit for his job any long, but she certainly was. Normally no one can break into the Mihn home and come out alive, but Madame Mihn was in Nightwing's debt--in their first encounter he had saved the Mihn children(frozen embryos)--but the debt was paid with him leaving the house alive.
Freddy always went by a few other names: Eddie Minh, Tiger Mihn, Minh U Trahn

First Comic Appearance

Nightwing #1