Nightwing - Dick Grayson

Name: Richard "Dick" John Grayson
Alter-Ego: Nightwing
Birthdate: March 21st - first day of Spring
Occupation: Police Cadet, Vigilante - Previously a bartender
Location: 1013 Parkthorne Avenue, Apartment 3A, Bludhaven USA
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Relatives: John Grayson(father-deceased), Mary Grayson(mother-deceased), Bruce Wayne(adoptive father), Jason Todd(adoptive brother-deceased), Tim Drake(surrogate younger brother)

-Dick Grayson was part of an amazing acrobatic team called the "Flying Graysons", until his mother and father were tragically killed during a performance. Bruce Wayne who was in the audience at the time, took pity on the small child and adopted. The killer of Dick's parents was an extortionist named Tony Zucco. The ringmaster, Mr. Haly, had refused to pay money to be "protected" by Zucco. In order to get back for it, Zucco slit one of the trapeze ropes which resulted in the Grayson's demise. Dick had happened to overhear the conversation between the two men, and after his parents death's, vowed revenge on Zucco. At one point in time, it was revealed to Dick that Bruce was Batman, and he then became the Boy Wonder, Robin. As Dick grew older, there was often friction between the two men. In his teens, Robin went off and joined(becoming leader) a group called the Teen Titans, inculding: KidFlash, Wondergirl, Speedy, and Aqualad. Later Dick graduated from high school and left Gotham to attend Hudson University. He later dropped out to reuturn to Gotham and help Batman, and the friction grew as Dick tried to earn his right as an adult in Bruce's view. The end of the first Robin came during this period when Robin was shot in the shoulder by The Joker. Fearing for the safety of Dick, Bruce ended the career of Robin. Dick then went off and joined the group called the New Titans where he donned a new persona, Nightwing and later met up with Tim Drake who wished him to renew his Robin career. Dick said no, which further encouraged Tim to pursue the job. Much later on Tim Drake becomes the third Robin after much help of Dick and Alfred to pursuade Bruce. Dick needed to be on his own, and later left the Titans to pursue this. He found a city in even more need of a hero than Gotham, and this, was Bludhaven. Occasionally he returns to Gotham to give Bruce a helping hand, and has also helped Tim and created a lasting "big brother"/"little brother" situation with him. More recently, after being a bartender for a while, Dick has become a member of the Bludhaven police force, where he discovered that the majority of the police force was incredibly corrupt. His partner, Amy, along with a very small and secret group are the only cops untouched by greed and corruption. Rookie cop by day, vigilante by night, not to mention trying to have a love life, Dick really has his hands full.

First Comic Appearances:

Dectective Comics #38 as Robin
Tales of the Teen Titans #44 as Nightwing

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