Oracle - Barbara Gordon

Name: Barbara "Babs" Gordon
Alter-Ego: Oracle, previously known as Batgirl
Occupation: Computer Expert, Librarian
Location: Clock Tower in Gotham City
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green, also Blue depending on the artist
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 130 lbs
Relatives: Roger C. Gordon (father-deceased), Thelma A. Gordon (mother-deceased), James "Jim" W. Gordon (uncle/adoptive father), Barbara Gordon (divorced wife of Jim)

-Barbara dreamed of being a superhero since her childhood days in Ohio with her best friend, Marcy. After her mother was killed in an autobmobile accident, her father dying later due to grief and alcoholism, though a later story revised the incident in that boy her parents were killed in the accident, she moved to Gotham City. There she lived with her aunt and uncle who adopted her. Even better, her new adoptive father was even friends with, The Batman! From then on, till college and more realistic dreams began to sidetrack her, Barbara devoted herself to training and perhaps even becoming Batman's partner someday. It was fate then, coming as The Killer Moth, that started Batgirl's career. Barbara had made a "Batgirl" costume to wear to the policeman's masquerade ball. On her way there she came upon a crime in progress, and jumped him...saving the life of Bruce Wayne. It didn't stop there, she had caught the bug. After that she kept going out in the night and fighting crime. It didn't take long for Batman to figure out the identity of this new vigilante, but it proved an impossible for him to get her to stop, because in the end, she convinced the Dark Knight to even train her. Over the following years, Batgirl met and defeated many foes and had many adventures. Her childhood friend, Marcy came for a visit at the same time Barbara began questioning whether she wanted to continue being Batgirl anymore. After defeating her worst personal foe, Cormorant, she was ready to call it quits...

And with one shot, the career of Batgirl was dead. When the Joker showed up that fateful night, shooting Barbara in the stomach as she opened the door, he didn't even know who she really was. The shot shattered her spine, paralyzing her from the waist down. Babs went through a very emotional period at this point. She had already planned on retiring the role as Batgirl after defeating Cormorant, but she certainly hadn't wanted to end it in this way. Restricted to a wheelchair, never again having the use of her legs, she would never fly through the night as the masked femme vigilante. But that certainly didn't mean her career as a hero was over, it was just beginning, only taking a new and very different path. She hid herself away, only going out for physical and emotional therapy sessions. But staying hidden away, afraid, unsure, was not the kind of life Barbara could live. Using her talents as a researcher she got a job as a librarian, and received a grant from the Wayne Foundation. Now computers were the key to everything. It was while secretly working on one of her father's cases that Babs slowly discovered herself again. Here was something she could do, better then anyone else! During this period of self-discovery, she received some unknown help, which is reality came from Batman. She began training with a martial arts master, Richard Dragon, who taught her escrima, the Phillipine art of stick fighting. Training for months, Barbara not only honed the working parts of her body, but also strengthed her confidence and led her down a new path. It was a dream, involving the wise Oracle of Greek mythology that finally set everything in motion. She could still be a hero, and what was more, she would doing something that know one else was, having her own unique identity. The first day, so to speak, of her career as The Oracle, began with the Suicide Squad. It wasn't much, only a one-line in the comic to be exact, but it was certainly just the tip of the iceberg of where she would be going. Today, Oracle is the ultimate source for information. All the superheros come to her for help, Batman and especially Nightwing more often then not, and she's never let them down. Barbara above and beyond makes up for her disability in cyber-space, where her boundaries or seemingly interest -- she sees and knows all. During No Man's Land, Barbara gave the okay for a new chapter for Batgirl to begin. She now mentors the girl, Cassandra, who was an assassin with an incredibly strict code of honor, and also mute, being that fighting was the only "language" she had learned. Now learning to speak, thanks to Oracle, Cassandra is off on her own, keeping the legacy alive. Currently, Barbara is working alongside Black Canary, otherwise known as Dinah Lance, and together they are an incredible team, known as the Birds of Prey. Although Barbara has turned down two opportunities to regain the use of her legs, things have only just begun to change with the latest issue of BOP, where she has regained the use of her legs thanks to a mysterious girl, Heartache.

First Comic Appearanes:

Detective Comics #359 as Batgirl
Suicide Squad #23 as Oracle
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