Torque - Dudley Soames

Name: Dudley "Deadly" Soames
Alter-Ego: Torque
Occupation: Criminal, former Police Inspector
Location: Bludhaven
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Brown
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Relatives: ?

-Dudley Soames is an inspector of the Blüdhaven police force. Meanwhile he is a well known name in the Blüdhaven criminal community and has strong connections to Roland Desmond, Blockbuster II. When Nightwing first showed up in Blüdhaven investigating the deaths of 12 members of Blühaven crimelord Angel Marin, he eventually turned to the police for help. Instead of helping the vigilante, the Blüdhaven chief of police, Redhorn, ordered Soames to take Nightwing somewhere and kill him off. Seeing that Nightwing could be benefitial to his own plans Soames let the hero go. Believing he had found a straight cop the hero formed an uneasy alliance with Soames.
Revealing bits and pieces of information to the hero Soames was able to use him as a kind of personal vigilante, bringing down some of his competition and enemies in the criminal community. When Nightwing came too close to realizing the truth about him and his connections to Blockbuster II, Soames brought the Scarecrow to Blüdhaven to get rid of the hero. His mission, however, backfired and not only did Nightwing survive, but Soames himself ended up Blockbuster´s hitlist. When this came to Soames´ attention he confronted Blockbuster, who in turn wrenched Soames head 180 degrees out of position.
Soames somehow survived and was brought to the Rabe Momorial Hospital in Blüdhaven as a known "John Doe". Here he was treated by a Dr. Elizabeth Pavaar who has been able stabilize his critical condition although he will never be able to get his head back straight. However, he has put his therapy to use, buy attaining revenge on Bluckbuster, and all his minions, under the new name of Torque.

First Comic Appearance

Nightwing Vol.1

(*Bio courtesy of Nightwing's Lair)