Two-Face - Harvey Dent

Name: Harvey Dent
Alter-Ego: Two-Face
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Location: Gotham City
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 182 lbs
Relatives: N/A

-It was thanks to Two-Face that Dick Grayson had one of his worst moments being Robin. The incident involved Two-Face, Batman, Robin and the D.A. of Gotham--what Dent was before he became Two-Face. Robin was being held away at gun point while Batman and the D.A were on a hangman's gallow, wanting $2 million and Robin to give the answer. The city hadn't given an answer, and Two-Face was prepared to kill both Batman and the D.A. Robin figured he had a 50/50 chance with Two-Face's coin, and thus prompted Dent to consult the coin. It came scarred side up, and Two-Face hit the lever for the D.A. Robin threw a batarang, cutting the rope, but didn't realize with Dent's love of 2, that there would be a second part to the trap: water under the gallows. The D.A. drowned. Two-Face's henchman grabbed Robin and proceeded to beat him severely. For Dick, the worst of it, besides not being able to save the D.A., was that Batman witnessed it all.

First Comic Appearance

Detective Comics #66