Lady Vic - Lady Elaine

Name: Lady Elaine Marsh-Morton
Alter-Ego: Lady Vic
Occupation: Contract Killer
Location: N/A
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Relatives: N/A

-Little is known of the early life of Lady Vic, save that she is born of English aristocracy. She has shared her dual identity with her loyal professional and social servant Bivens, a large middle aged male, who is also following her around from job to job. How and where she got her skills has yet to be revealed but she is known to be from a long and apperently successful line of mercinaries... Lady Vic first showed up in Blüdhaven to collect some money owed to her by ganglord Angel Marin. Marin however was nowhere to be found and Lady Vic began a search for him. This led her to Maxwell Reed, Marin´s attorney and into conflict with Nightwing who was also tracking down Marin. The battle which took place on Reed´s yacht ended as it crashed into a bridge and blew up. However both Nightwing, Reed, and Lady Vic managed to get away before it was too late.
After withdrawing from the battlezone and before she could get ready for her next stike, Lady Vic was approached by Dudley Soames, who was acting as a middle-man for Blockbuster, who paid her the money Marin owed her, as well as retainer for future services for Blockbuster. After a short trip to Gotham, she is now back in Blüdhaven.
Two tips, the Vic in her name stands for "Victims", and definately don't call her "honey".

First Comic Appearance

Nightwing #4

(*Bio courtesy of Nightwing's Lair)